Senin, 21 Agustus 2017

In the middle of the night, I was lay on my bed. It was 8 o'clock, I was received free call from Nasya, she tell me about her plan to New Year's Holiday. She tell me that she was bored from the lesson in her new school.

Shofi : "Hiii Nasya"

Nasya : "Hi Shoff, how's your day?"

Shofi : "Not bad, how's yours?"

Nasya : "Hmm... so so"

Shofi : "What's wrong with you nassyy, you looks not good by the way"

Nasya : "I have many assignment yesterday and I was very dizzy because I had an appoinment too                    to attend the meeting with my friends."

Shofi : "Nasyy! I think you need some holiday, you need to back up your mind too!"

Nasya : "That's right, my sister told me that she wanted to accompany us to Maldives"

Shofi : "WHAT'S?!"

Nasya : "Ya Shofi, we will go to the beachhhh!"

Shofi : "That's meanyou invite me to holiday to Maldives this New year?"

Nasya : "Hahahaha, You will not go with somebody, will you?"

Shofi : "Fortunately, you are the one."

Nasya : "I have many plan to do for us to play there"

Shofi : "Really? I hope that's reassure."

Nasya : "Maybe, you have to tell your parents"

Shofi : "My parents always allow me to holiday with you nasy"

Nasya : "Really? that's good, ok I will tell my mom to call the Travel Agency"

Shofi : "Ok, Nasy is time to sleep, may I?"

Nasya : "Ok Shofi, Nice dream, good bye"

Shofi : "Ok. Good Night"


Senin, 07 Agustus 2017


Conversation between Shofi Meysa F and Alicia Elena J

Now it's pray time, Shofi is in the mosque then she is on her way to the canteen. Suddenly, a girl bumps her shoulder then her falls down.

Shofi:*she falls down*Aw! Watch your step, please.
Elena: Oh, I'm so sorry... I was not see you there.  *Alicia helps her to stand up*
Shofi: Hmm, it's okayy.. By the way what is your name? I haven't see you around here before.
Elena: Thanks! I'm Alici Elena, I am ten grader. How about you? I have never see you too before.
Shofi: I'm Shofi, I am eleven grader.
Elena: Wow! So, you're my senior, aren't you?
Shofi: Exactly! But you can treat me as your friend.
Elena: Oh My God, you are so kind to me.
Shofi: Hey, would you go buy some meals with me?
Elena: Of Course, what kind of meal would we buy?
Shofi: How about fried rice or roasted breads?
Elena: Why not both? That are my favorite foods.

*They are going together to buy two fried rice and also roasted breads.

Shofi: Let's eat and share some stories about ourselves.
Elena: Okay, So, I am the second daughter, I have one elder sister and one younger sister. And by the way, my sissy studies here too.
Shofi: Seriously? What's her name?
Elena: Her name is Aiko. I bet you don't know her, she's twelve grade, haha.
Shofi: Oh no! I know her. She's my senior on student council.
Elena: Are you kidding me? She has never join a student council.
Shofi: I must misidentify, haha.
Elena: What about you? Do you have any sister ir brother?
Shofi: No.
Elena: Okay.

*kring-kring* The bell rings.

Elena: Ah, I'm sorry, I have to go back to class. After this i am going have Mathematics lesson with Mr.Agus.
Shofi: Oh, you must not be late! Bye!
Elena: Bye.

Then Shofi goes back to the library, meanwhile Elena goes to her class.

Senin, 31 Juli 2017


Hii everyone!
first let me tell you about my self, first my name is Shofi Meysa Faatin, honestly i'm a very spoiled, lazy, and stubborn, but i have good personality too, i'm a clever girl since born Hehe... fyi I very talkative and friendly. I really really really like to have many friends because im so happy when another people like to have many friends too.

By the way i was born in Bandung, 22 February 2002. I have black hair, tanned skin, black eyes, long eyelashes, and short body. I like wearing black outfits. I love wearing sport shoes and slippers. My Favorite pants is white ripped jeans.

I have lovely family, my mom name is Syahyenni, my dad name is Ismet. I have two brothers they are Isky Ramadhoni and Isfadli Alfajri. I really love my mom because she is so charitable, lovely, and all definition of perfect. I like my dad because he is so gentle, clever, and very very patient. I really love my parents but i dont know how to make them proud and happy. My bro Isky is very patient man and my bro Isfadli is very smart. 

My kindergarten was full of cheeriness. I love my kindergarten because we did not have many task and schedule. Then, my Elementary School is SDN Karang Pawulang, it was not bad enough because i have many friends and still enjoyed the lesson. My Junior High is SMPN 1 Bandung then it was my favorite age and moment. My Senior High School now is SMAN 3 Bandung I not bad but i have to acquaint with this school.

There is all my friendss hope you enjoy my little intro!!

In the middle of the night, I was lay on my bed. It was 8 o'clock, I was received free call from Nasya, she tell me about her plan to Ne...